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What is Interactive Cliq?
Interactive Cliq Features
Interactive Cliq Specification
Interactive Cliq Specification
Innovators in the design, manufacturing and installation of security doors.
A new concept in locking for your home or small business and residential

A simple system that gives you the power to choose

How it works: Simple operation, impossible to compromise

There is absolutely no learning curve here. As far as the user is concerned, Interactive ‘CLIQ’ 4U operates like any other key cylinder system. All the sophistication is built in. But in case you are wondering, here's how it works:

• When you insert the key into the cylinder it sends an electronic wake up" signal to the electronic component in the cylinder.

• The cylinder awakens and generates a random number.

• The key answers by transmitting an encrypted I.D. number.

This whole process takes a split second. If there is a data match, the blocking mechanism is electronically released and you can turn the key. If the key is not authorized the mechanical element locking system will simply remain locked.

Convenient and cost-effective:

Our dual-locking systems are wire free, simple to install, and easy to plan and use on a daily basis. You control the system no need to rush to the locksmith each and every time you want to make a change.Bolting down the benefits:

• Interactive CLIQ 4U:Offering the best of both worlds - The dual, patent-protected technologies employed in Interactive CLIQ 4U represent a truly successful marriage of electrical and mechanical locking systems, offering a double layer of impenetrable security. The result: a thief-proof locking system that provides ultimate security where you need it most.

• Contains an electronic I.D. code as unique as you are - Designated for one individual only. Cannot be duplicated, altered or corrupted.

• Lost keys don't translate into new cylinders - When your reliable teenager once again loses a key or an employee leaves without returning theirs, you can cancel its code (making the key obsolete) through a simple procedure performed by you on your own. A new key, with a new code, can then be generated and will be recognized by the cylinder.

• Long-life battery - A single replaceable battery is inserted into the key and serves as the sole power source for the entire key and cylinder system.
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